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Buddhist Tour Places In India
Bodhgaya - Sarnath - Lumbini - Kushinagar - Nalanda - Sanchi

Buddhism started with the life of Siddharth Gautam around 563-482Bc., He was the Prince of small Shakya Kingdom which was located in the foothills of Himalaya in Nepal. He abandoned his home & wandered forth for searching the meaning of existence , the stories of his search described Jain tradition, he decided that self torture weakened his mind when failing to advance him to enlightenment & so turned to a milder style of renunciation & concentrated on advance meditation techniques.
Buddhism is considered more of a religion than a thought it is focused on moral discipline meditation rather than an idol worship, according to the Buddhist doctrine only one way is to reach the destination of reality Gautam Buddha visited many places where he preached the path of spiritual development some of Buddhist Tour destinations famous for stupas some as Buddhist learning centers.

Some Buddhist Tour Destinations are as follows:

Bodhgaya: It is one of the four holiest cities of Buddhist faith it is the holy spot of the enlightenment of Master the site of Bodh Gaya is looked upon with great sanctity, it has become flourishing Buddhist establishment with so many temples, stupas & monasteries in the past few years.

Lumbini: Lumbini is the place of Lord Buddha's Birth & it is located about 22 Km. from Bhairahawa & 24 Km. south from the foothills of Himalayan valley Buddha was born in Lumbini on the full moon day in Baisakh he was born under a sal tree after his birth he took seven steps to north after looking all direction he told " I am the way of all creature to cross the riddle of ocean of existence".

Nalanda is famous as the ancient learning seat it is world's famous ancient University lies 62 Kms from Bodh Gaya & approx. 90 Kms from Patna, Ashoka built many monasteries, Vihars & temples. Buddha visited Nalanda many times during his period the place is famous for Buddhist learning shot to fame during 5th centuries.

Dharamshala: It is peaceful town situated on the high slopes of Kangra, it is the place of holiness of Dalai Lama with Dhauladar mountain at the backdrop of town, making it a memorable tourist place, Dharamshala is just like a small piece of diamond which spread beauty, the landscape is green surroundings, the small city is a beautiful destination.
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